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As long as I can remember I have been drawn to creativity and have wanted to know more about the people that display talent, ability and passion for music, art or fashion.

After graduating in Fine Art I began my own journey of experimentation, spending time within various roles within creative industries. I gained experience at many of the UK?s biggest fashion glossies such as Vogue, Glamour and Elle, spent time as a stylist assistant including cover shoots for NME, then went to Alexander McQueen as an artwork assistant. When forced to work from home for a period of time, I resorted to writing about the various mediums and artistic outlets that had always been entertaining, intriguing, enthralling or beautiful to me, and enjoyed having an excuse to delve deeper into the creations and their themes, histories, techniques or emotions.

One consistent factor during all of my roles was being aware of the impacts and influences music, fashion and art have on each-other.

After a number of years as a freelance journalist, and speaking to numerous well known and/or talented people about their craft, I have now finally constructed a platform to be able to incorporate my major passions in one place, via an online show called?..The Sleeve.

Through interviews and behind the scenes access I will be looking at Merch, Clothing Brands founded by musicians, musicians style, Tattooing, Album/Single Artwork? and various other wonderful collisions between Music, Art and Fashion.

Please do get in touch if you have anyone you?d really like to see featured or if you think you may be a perfect candidate yourself! But in the meantime I hope you enjoy watching!

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